Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance can help you avoid catastrophic failures and reduce unexpected downtime by identifying machines near failure or by monitoring a machine's changes over time.

Vibration Analysis    Infrared Thermography     Dynamic Balancing      Laser Alignment


Vibration Trending & Analysis

Vibration analysis and trending is a method of evaluating current machine condition and monitoring a machine’s changes over a period of time.  It can also be used to pinpoint a source of several problems such as misalignment, imbalance and bearing issues. Vibration Trending and Analysis can be performed on all rotating equipment.

  Benefits of Vibration Trending & Analysis

•  Diagnose imbalance, misalignment and bearing issues
•  Discover bearing issues
•  Applicable on any rotating equipment
•  Improve equipment reliability and uptime
•  Prevent catastrophic failure
•  Improve machine safety levels

 Applications for Vibration Trending & Analysis

•  Motors
•  Pumps
•  Air handlers
•  Fans
•  Machines

Vibration Analysis Services

•  In-house or contract PDM program implementation including periodic & continuous monitoring
•  Examine machinery fault frequencies & rotating component defects
•  Collect vibration data on critical machines
•  ASNT Level 2 Vibration Analyst



Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography can provide significant warning of potential problems with critical equipment before catastrophic failure. With infrared thermography you can identify overheating electrical connections and other machine components, scheduling repairs to be made during planned downtime.

Benefits of Infrared Thermography

•  Reduce unscheduled downtime
•  Detect problems quickly
•  Assess priorities for corrective action
•  Reduce catastrophic failure of equipment

Applications for Infrared Thermography

 • Power distribution and control cabinets
•  Building envelopes & structures
•  Electric motor conduit box & frame temperature
•  Mechanical bearing inspections
•  Electrical systems
•  Process problems due to heat loss




Dynamic Balancing

Nearly anything that rotates, or is supported in bearings that allow it to rotate, needs balancing to insure quality performance.

Benefits of Dynamic Balancing

•  Compensates for assembly tolerances, unbalance of pulleys, gears, 
   coupling & and other added components of new or overhauled machinery.
•  Applicable on all rotating equipment
•  Increases bearing life
•  Reduces vibration
•  Minimizes structural stress



Laser Alignment

All precision equipment must be aligned in order to function accurately.  Stultz  technicians can provide print outs and live visual displays detailing specifications and tolerances for alignment.  Laser alignment can be done on any size equipment from 5 hp and up on both horizontal and vertical motors. We also have the capability for aligning pulleys and belts. 

Benefits of Laser Alignment

•  Properly aligned equipment runs smoother & more efficiently, resulting in     
   fewer breakdowns
•  Vibration reduction
•  Ultimately increases production and profits
•  Hi-lite and correct hidden soft-foot alignment defects
•  Fast and accurate machine installation through precision alignment


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