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Stultz Electric Motor & Controls
provides new electric motors, new controls, and repair services to numerous local accounts, several large paper mills, public and private power generation facilities and dozens of municipal waste water treatment plants.  Our service work has been expanded to include in-field rewinding of large generators along with vibration and infrared analysis.

The Schulz Group is the largest electric motor, controls and generator repair group in the Northeast, providing electric motor repairs, electric motor rewinds, custom controls and panels, systems integration, pump services, machine rebuilds, hydro services, safety-related services, energy efficiency solutions, and diagnostic services for commercial and industrial applications.

Purchased by The Timken Company in 2014, The Schulz Group is positioned for further growth, and is dedicated to expanding its proven reputation as the leader in electric motor, controls and generator services.


Stultz Electric History

Stultz Electric Works was founded in 1907 by H. F. Stultz. Howard's initial work experience in the Westbrook, Maine area was primarily as an in-field supervisor for on-site rewinding of motors at S. D. Warren Co. As the years passed, Howard established a repair shop on main street in downtown Westbrook. Two of Howard's five sons, Phil Stultz Sr. and Paul Stultz Sr., bought the business in the mid 1940's. After the war, the two sons expanded the motor repair business to include new electric motor sales, power transmission equipment and associated product lines. At this time, they hired their brother Harold Stultz Sr. to help manage the warehouse. During the early 1950's, the real estate at 25 Bridge Street was purchased and modified to accommodate the repair business while allowing for future growth.

Branch businesses were opened in Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor, Maine during the 60's decade. Product lines expanded into the hydraulics and pneumatics business as well as electric motor controls and several motor lines. The building at 25 Bridge Street was expanded in 1967 to provide for 10-ton lifting capacity and for much needed repair work floor space. Customers at that time stretched from northern Maine, through New Hampshire, and into Massachusetts.

James Stultz Sr. (Paul's son) started with the company on a full time basis in June, 1970, while Phil Stultz Jr. started full time in 1976, after serving 6 years as a naval flight officer. James and Phil Jr. managed the business for their fathers from 1976 through 1984. During this time period, the building at 25 Bridge Street was once again expanded to increase overhead lifting capacity to 20-tons while providing over 7,000 square feet of additional floor space.

On Feb. 29, 1984, the business was split leaving Phil Jr. with the hydraulics division and the Bangor branch, while James Sr. had the electric repairs and sales in Westbrook and a branch operation in Lewiston. Purchase agreements were established with the respective fathers


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